Sunday, 18 November 2012



Money from blog

• AdBrite - is currently one of the best alternatives there is to Google's adsense. While they do not offer the same large selection of ad formats that Clicksor and Google Adsense provide you they do offer the most commonly used ones. In addition they offer inline page links with have some great click through ratios as well as interstitial full page ads which offer an excellent way to monetize all traffic to your site not just traffic that clicks on your ads. Their payouts are also very competitive. They have more relaxed terms and conditions than Adsense and are much more accepting of smaller publishers including bloggers.

Bidvertiser - Bidvertiser is an excellent alternative to Google and offers some intriguing ad formats including what they refer to as free design. This lets you specify the look and dimensions of your text ads. While a useful feature I have not investigated how well it works but imagine that while it sounds good on paper it could result in lower priced ads being displayed. I.e. most advertisers will probably want to keep control of the layout of their ads and so turn off support for Free design ads. All the standard ad formats exist, however, and the payouts are excellent. Pop-under ads and XML feeds are also supported.

• Chitika - was founded in 2003 and is the industry's leading impulse merchandising company. Chitika was founded in May 2003 and is based in Massachusetts. Chitika (pronounced CHIH-tih-ka) helps web publishers generate revenue using innovative publisher-side advertising and merchandising solutions and services.

• Infolinks - A relative newcomer to the scene Infolinks specializes in In-Text Advertizing. That is it indexes your page looking for keywords and phrases that are not currently links and converts them into advertizing links. When a user places their mouse over the link a box opens up showing the ad. If they click on the link you get paid. It is very simple and works very effectively. The nice part is that you can use Infolinks to compliment an existing advertizing campaign on your website. For example you can show banner ads withAdBrite or Bidvertiser and show text links with Infolinks. Or you can even show text links with both AdBrite and Infolinks together on the same page to maximize your revenue.

• Intellilinks - is a similar service to infolinks above but well worth trying. Intellilinks specializes in placing organic text links across an ever-growing network of websites in order to build rank and traffic for advertisers and increased revenue for publishers. Intellilinksfocuses on providing cutting edge technology, while keeping the network seamless and secure to bring results to their clients and revenue to their publishers.

• Pocket Cents - A relative new comer to the field is Pocket Cents. Pocket Cents has been built from the ground up as a Click Banner provider. Specializing in automatic focus on local markets Pocket Cents offers an intriguing alternative to adsense/adwords. While unlikely to replace your entire creative portfolio, Pocket Cents does off an attractive alternative for banner ads. It could also act as a good alternative ad provider for backfill from one of the larger networks.

• Kontera - works in a similar way to Infolinks above, however, they have been around for much longer. Traditionally it was hard to get accepted by Kontera but they seem to have relaxed their restrictions of late. This is especially true for website publishers and affiliate marketers that do not have high daily page impressions.

• Clicksor - is one of the current leaders of the small publisher Adsense competition. They have payouts upto a market leading 85% and unlike a number of alternatives the cost per click bid values are high enough that you can earn a decent income. They are also, in my experience, much more tollerant than Google. Their terms and conditions suggest that you should only place one copy of their code on a page but as long as you only place a single pop-up or DHTML code on a page they seem happy to let you place many context sensitive ad blocks on a single site.


• Exit Junction - is relatively new and, I believe, a spin off from the now defunct Revenue Pilot. While Revenue Pilot has stopped running, however, Exit Junction is going from strength to strength. Exit Junction offers a unique approach to advertising that is compatible with all the other Ad Networks included Google Adsense. The key to Exit junction is that they focus on showing ads to users as they leave your site rather than as they arrive or as they browse. This approach offers you an additional way to monetize your traffic and also capture ad revenue from those that stumble upon your site from a search engine and then immediately leave.

• Dynamic Oxygen - are a relative newcomer to the field having really only started at the end of 2010. However, they are growing quickly and offer an excellent alternative to the traditional Adsense route. Dynamic Oxygen enables publishers of all sizes to realize their full revenue potential! One of the nice things being that they are not focused purely on the high end, very high turnover publishers but instead cater to sites of all shapes, sizes and popularity. This also includes most international sites. Unlike many ad providers that only cater for US or European traffic, DynamicOxygen supports and pays out for worldwide traffic making it ideal for non-US based publishers.

• - offers content ads, search targeting ads, web bar ads, and mobile ads. You will get your payment after making $100.

• LinkShare -Linkshare is another cool alternative to Google adsense. Linkshare pay at $1, so this can be best to get paid very soon.

• Direct Advertising - Direct advertising is one of the best way to make online money. For direct advertising create advertising page to get direct advertisers. You need to share your site traffic details, pricing details or mode of payment on advertising.

 • BuySellAds - is a direct advertisement network. This means you sell ad space on your blog to advertisers. It is one of the largest advertising network of its kind. But it has some restrictions too. You will need to meet the minimum traffic requirements to get approved. BuySellAds will automatically fetch you Google PR and Alexa statistics.

• Adclickmedia - It pays you up to 60% of revenue for PPC ads. Three types of ad formats you can use are photo text ads, Interstitial Ads, banner ads. Interstitial ads are full page ads between pages.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Every time someone clicks on the link that you shortened, you will get paid, many sites pay 4-5 $ for 1000 visitors that you bring to your link.
What Url Shortener Websites Have From That?
Well they pay you because you bring traffic to them, and many of those visitors that you brought to your link will probably become their new users and customers.
Don’t worry, when you share your website,blog,video link… traffic will go to your source and some traffic will go to the url shortener website, and you will make money with url shortener and get paid through paypal or other paying methods that websites are using.

  • : Tinyurl is one of the top 1000 sites in the Alexa. Its presently the mostly used URL shortening service with over 2 million users using it every month.
  • : This is the next most popular Shortening URL service. But from past few weeks its been at its best, receiving over 3 millions in a week and over 160 millions in a month.
  • : Shorten long web addresses quickly and easily, with no registration required.
  • : Shorten your long URL, share it to world and earn money through it.
  • : Short URLs with analytics, social media monitoring and geotargeting. Cligs is 100% search engine friendly.
  • : is for quick, easy, full-featured URL shortening with integrated posting to social networks such as Twitter, with a free public API.
  • : URL Link Shortener Now Supports Google Analytics Campaign Source, Medium and Name Variables.
  • : Take the ugly long URLs all over the web and snip them into a snipurl that is short, snippy, secure, memorable, and easy to share.
  • : twURL organizes URLs for visual searching and providing editing of URL lists. Anyone with an OpenID can open a twurl account.
  • : Instead of depending on the external URL shortening service like TinyURL, FriendFeed have created their own service called
  • : is a URL Shortening service, similar to The different is that, with, you can post the resulting shortened URL.
  • : Shorten urls, share files and track visits. Sharing functionality remains the focal point of the social bar.
  • : Statistical link tracking for social networks and beyond. Shrink. Track. Grow.
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  • : Adjix hold is business with Short Links, Tiny Ads, Big Payoff. Service Mark Adjix is an online ad network that pays people to shorten links.
  • : URL Shortening with Advanced Analytics, Click Tracking and Content Recommendation.
  • : POPrl is a new site developed by the recently launched It is a URL shortener support. It also offers Web hosting, domain names, website builders, servers, and email solutions. Find affordable, dedicated ad-free web hosting.
  • : It is capable of Generating Shortest URLs on Earth. takes the shrinking game to a whole new level, though, by using unicode characters to get even shorter addresses.
  • Your Own : YOURLS is a small set of PHP scripts that will allow you to run your own URL shortening service (a la TinyURL). You can make it private or public, you can pick custom keyword URLs, it comes with its own API.
  • : A simple URL Shortening Service with browser bookmarklets.